2,500.00 Grant on Broseley EVO26 Through NIRHI Grant - MCS Accredited ...click here for more info



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Welcome to Tri-power Environmental Energy Ltd



Welcome to our Website.

Tri-power was formed in April 2007, specifically for sales and service of both Commercial and Domestic Boilers, Burners, Solar Systems, Biomass, Underfloor Heating and Air-Source Heat-pumps, including specialised heating systems. Our products and advice aim to promote energy efficiency and provide our existing and new clients with the confidence that our engineers have the capability and resources to ensure the products are properly maintained and serviced. With over 30 years in the Heating and Plumbing Industry, the directors and managers of the company understand the needs of our clients. 

REDPUR Classic-BIO - Good for Health and the Natural Environment                                               

Tri-power is delighted to offer the complete range of - REDPUR BIO-Infrared Energy Efficient Radiant Heating Systems. These systems are manufactured in Germany, are innovative, manufactured from natural environmentally friendly components, simple, no maintenance & long-life. The panels are available in different sizes and outputs, with various finishes to suit almost all heating applications. They can even be ordered with your own artwork or motif printed on each panel.
Great for new and retro-fit applications!

Click here to check out the REDPUR Website 


Call in and see the New Hybrid Gas Boiler & Heat Pump working in our Belfast Showroom and click on the image to download a brochure.


Broseley Fires Limited is pleased to announce their first MCS approved product in its range. The eVolution 26  woodburning boiler stove is the flagship model in the new eVolution range and as well as now being MCS approved the eVolution boiler offers a range of innovative features designed to maximise the potential of one of the most environmentally-friendly fuel sources.

Call and see the eVolution 26 and the eVolution 8 in Tri-power's Belfast Showroom, Unit 1, 18 Westbank Road, Belfast, BT3 9JL. Tel: 02890 775329

Behind the scenes with STOVEY! (click here)


Solar and Heat-pump installation at the Downe Hospital - Downpatrick

Tri-power supplied and commissioned 16no. High Temperature Air-source Heat-pumps and 25 Rotex Solar Panels.

Solar Panels at the Downe Hospital - Downpatrick

Tri-power goes (PV) Photo-Voltaic. 

We have installed a 6.24kWp (PV) system, using LG Panels with 'Advanced Solar-edge' Optimisers and Invertor, for production of electrical energy. The estimated yield from this system is 4,971KWh per year. The Government pays 'NIROCS' (Northern Ireland Renewable Obligation Certificates), for every kWh of electrical energy.  At present, the amount is 16.96 pence per kWh of energy produced. This will total around £843.00 per year. We will also benefit from the Free Energy produced. Any energy not used by us will be exported back into the Electrical Grid, for which we will receive 5.59 pence per kWh.  We estimate a payback of around 6 years, which is a great return on our investment. 
Based on the Government backed 20 year scheme, this should generate a return of approximately £31,720.00.

Unlike 'Standard' PV systems, the Advanced Solar-edge system allows us to monitor the electrical generation from EACH panel, on-line via the internet. This ensures that over the years to come, we can continue to check the performance of the complete system and ensure an optimal return. On Standard PV systems, a panel fault or reduction in output can go undetected and result in a reduction in yield for the complete system. This will have a detrimental effect on your investment return. As the Solar-edge system treats every panel as individual, this does not happen.

At Tri-power we believe in providing class leading quality systems. Please call into our Showroom in Belfast and see for yourself, or contact our office (02890 775329) for more details.

Tri-power successfully renews it's MCS Accreditation.
We are now entering our 4th Year of Accreditation with the Micro Generation Certification Scheme (MCS). Again we are delighted to have achieved the required high standards of the Scheme. It is vital that anyone who wishes to install equipment that is registered under the MCS Scheme, that they use an Accredited Company. These companys have had to show a high standard of workmanship, design and knowledge base, to enable the best performance of the chosen systems being installed. Even if you don't choose Tri-power as your preferred company, then to enable future Grants etc, please ensure you always use a comany registered under the MCS Scheme and REAL Assurance Code


Nothing comes close to this boiler, as far as quality, practicality and efficiency. It really is the 'ALL-IN-ONE' solution. 

Come and see it working in our Showroom - NOW WITH ROTEX 'Gateway' INTERNET ACCESS via your Smartphone. Control your heating temperatures (up to 15 zones) and hot water temperature, from anywhere!


The all new Rotex GCU Boiler Range is now available and selling very well. The new range includes some very nice up-grades and better efficiency. There will be various options in Natural Gas, LPG, Heat-Pump Models and even Bivalent options to allow the connection of other heat sources, for example additional Heat-pumps and Stoves. It's all very exciting, as with all German engineering and design, again these Boilers will be exceptional.

Your benefits

Highest efficiency

Energy-saving gas condensing technology with an effectivity up to 110%

Innovative technology

Integration of boiler and thermal store
Lambda-Gx gas-adaptive combustion system with fully electronic gas-air combination
Intuitive electronic regulation

Domestic water hygiene

Highest level of hygiene by separation of store and potable water
No deposits, no legionella production

As if made just for you

For heating and hot water
Compact dimensions, simple installation in the smallest space
Flexible use, direct combination with solar system or existing fireplace with water pocket is possible




Over the past year we have developed a manifold kit that allows two different heating appliances to work together, with one heating source being the 'back-up' and the other, the main heat source. This Kit allows for the automatic switching between these heating sources and ensures ease of operation, simplicity, well manufactured components and quality materials.

One example is linking our EVO26 or EVO8 Boiler Stove to a Oil or Gas Boiler or Heat-pump. The Boiler/Heat-pump will shut off, when the Stove is operating and allow the Boiler/Heat-pump to operate again when the Stove output reduces, for example when you forget to put logs into the Stove and the heating water temperature starts to drop too much or when you go to bed and let your Stove burn out.

This handy device is very easy to install and stops the home owner from having to keep switching appliances on and off.

There are various options also available via our BESPOKE service, if you require something different, for instance you require a manifold for several heating sources, just ask!

We have been supplying to both the Commercial and Domestic market and our clients have been very happy with the results.


Tithe Barn Rathlin IslandThe Tithe Barn, Rathlin Island.

Tri-power were delighted to be selected to supply a High Temperature Air-Source Heat-pump to serve the building's new layout, which includes Apartments, Doctor's Surgery, Meeting room and Waiting area. The work was carried out for the National Trust.
The Altherma High-temp Heat-pump is capable of water temperatures to 80DegC without the need for costly immersion booster/back-up heaters, which other types of Heat-pumps require. The unit was supplied complete with a 260ltr intergral stainless steel hot water cylinder for ease of installation by the on-site plumbing contractor. The installation of the Heat-pump ensures that the building will be heated efficiently and removes the burden of Oil and LPG deliveries.

If you would like to see the European Efficiency Award-winning Heat-pump for yourself at our interative Belfast Showroom or require any further information, please contact us on (0044) 02890 775329, or email on info@tripower.co.uk

 The New South West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen.

Tri-power supplies and installs the Ultra Efficient Rotex System 70 Industrial Under-floor Heating to the Ground floor walk-ways, Main Entrance, Atrium, Public Waiting and Cafe areas.


Rotex wins Gold Medal Award! 

Daikin wins another award at The Environment and Energy Awards 2011

At Tri-power Environmental Energy Ltd, our philosophy is quite simple. We know the only way to thrive in a niche market is to deliver a better product in an ever changing world, that's why our products are built with your future in mind.


Bivalent heat pump

Using a special control system, an existing heating boiler can be operated in an energy-saving mode in addition to the heat pump. The boiler is then only switched into the circuit when the outside temperature is very low. The point at which this occurs depends largely on the heat demand and the heat insulation of the building and on the performance of the heat pump.

As a cost-saving auxiliary heating system, the air heat pump alone provides the heat for heating and domestic water in the summer 6 months and in the mild transition periods. In the winter the existing boiler installation provides heat for the house either additionally or exclusively.



Biomass Wood Pellet Boilers


The CTC Ecoflex Biomass boiler is a well packaged wood pellet boiler. It is delivered with full digital controls, is easy to operate and maintain. It is easy to install and works on/off, just like your old oil-fired boiler. It is efficient (92%) and is fully MCS compliant. Call or email us for more information. If you are in the market for a pellet boiler....the CTC Ecoflex is one of the best.

CTC Biomass 15Kw Boiler ( MCS Accredited ) See it working in our Showroom

'Quality Products for a Quality Environment'




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